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Playwrights Canada Press Fall 2023 Catalogue

Coming in fall 2023

By Playwrights Canada Press Date: June 12, 2023

The wait is over! We are excited to announce the upcoming fall 2023 titles. Check them out below, available for pre-order now.

The Master Plan
By Michael Healey
In a biting comedy about the failure to build a smart city in Toronto, Michael Healey lampoons the corporate drama, epic personalities, and iconic Canadian figures involved in the messy affair between Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Toronto. The Master Plan exposes the hubris of big tech, the feebleness of government, and the dangers of public consultation with sharp wit and insightful commentary.

Queen Goneril
By Erin Shields
Set seven years before King Lear, Queen Goneril centres the struggles of Lear’s daughters as they negotiate patriarchal systems built to keep them relegated to the sidelines. As the three work to dismantle their individual constraints, a storm of inner reckoning begins to brew that reflects their deepest yearnings and mirrors our contemporary world. This feminist, revisionist King Lear prequel centres the daughters as they negotiate patriarchal systems built to keep them relegated to the sidelines.

21 Black Futures
Created by Obsidian Theatre
In 2021, Obsidian Theatre engaged twenty-one writers to create twenty-one new stories about imagined Black futures. Each playwright was tasked with scripting a ten-minute monodrama in response to the question “What is the future of Blackness?” A radical offering in unprecedented times, newly appointed Obsidian artistic director Mumbi Tindyebwa Otu’s curatorial aim was joyful, aspirational, and empowering: create something communal, unapologetically Black, and with the Black gaze at its centre—art as the architecture for creating those futures.

By Mishka Lavigne
A small military-occupied community sits, waiting, parched of natural water while nearby levees hold the rising global shoreline. Seventeen-year-old twins Alix and Evan pass the time in an empty, abandoned pool with what they are able to scavenge from the abandoned houses, while government official Portia returns to familiar places, her past colliding with the present. A non-linear poetic play that acts like an urgent postcard from the future, Shorelines is a reminder that our only hope for survival lies in the relationships we form with the people around us.

Black Boys
By Saga Collectif
Black Boys by Saga Collectif (Stephen Jackman-Torkoff, Tawiah M’Carthy, and Thomas Antony Olajide, with Virgilia Griffith and Jonathan Seinen) uncovers the complex dynamics of the queer Black experience. Text, movement, and design portray the rhythm and vulnerability of three very different Black individuals who seek a deeper understanding of themselves, each other, and of how they encounter the world. As they explore their unique identities, their performances rigorously interrogate and playfully subvert the ways in which gender, sexuality, and race are read and performed.

Ravage of Life
By Evelyne de la Chenelière, translated by Louise H. Forsyth
For three years, Evelyne de la Chenelière wrote on the long entrance wall in Montreal’s Espace GO as part of an artistic residency that would profoundly shake her outlook on words, theatre practice, and writing. The culmination of this is Ravage of Life, a bold departure from prevailing norms where the playwright breaks with written and performative conventions in her dramatization of an endless and multi-faceted instant between life and death.

Retreating to Re-Treat: A Performative Encounter at The “Edge of the Woods”
By The Collective Encounter with Jill Carter
In 2019, the Collective Encounter—a group of scholar-artists led by Jill Carter—presented Encounters at “The Edge of the Woods” as part of Hart House Theatre’s 100th anniversary season. The piece acted as survivance intervention: an Indigenous reclamation of territory, using Storyweaving practices rooted in personal connections to the land to restor(y) treaty relationships. Retreating to Re-Treat documents both their collective creation and process, offered in the spirit of creative knowledge-sharing and enriching scholarship around collaborative practices. 

By Pamela Mala Sinha
It’s 1970s Winnipeg—a time of revolution and radical possibilities—and an apartment building of immigrant friends is about to be transformed by their latest arrival. Qasim is happily in love with his Canadian girlfriend Abby and has made dear friends with his Indian neighbours. But when Qasim’s mother goes on a hunger strike to strong-arm him into an arranged marriage, his fearless young Bengali bride challenges everyone to rethink their perceptions of identity, sexuality, and freedom. New is a joyous ensemble comedy that honours the immigrant experience and encourages all generations to create a meaningful life on our own terms. 

There is Violence and There is Righteous Violence and There is Death or, The Born-Again Crow
By Caleigh Crow
Grocery-store clerk Beth has had a hell of a week. A hell of a life, actually, full of people squashing her soul. And after pushing back at life—stabbing a steak to her boss’s desk and lighting a magazine rack on fire, for instance—freshly unemployed Beth regroups at her mom’s suburban home. Just when Beth starts to think she’s to blame for systemic limits, the gift of a bird feeder sparks a transformative relationship with a talking Crow who reconnects her with Spirit and her true power.

This is Beyond: A Time Capsule of Queer Experience
Edited by Evan Tsitsias & Bilal Baig
In this rapid moment of expansion in queerness, when everything is exposed, interrogated, and investigated, This is Beyond offers a reflective time capsule of where we are now and a map for where we might go next in queer theatre’s evolution. Honest and intimate monologues, essays, and opinion pieces offer artists of every age, colour, culture, and generation empowered queer stories to play with, ponder over, learn from, and embody within our current cultural moment.

The Party & The Candidate
By Kat Sandler
In these two entwined, fast-paced plays, the hilarious goings-on behind the scenes of a controversial election chaotically unfold first at the fundraiser that will decide the party’s nominee and then months later at a debate the night before the election. With a large cast of frenzied characters and piercing dialogue,The Party & The Candidate will make sure you never look at politics the same way again.

Staging Coyote’s Dream Vol. 3
Edited by Lindsay Lachance & Monique Mojica
A collection of new works rooted in Indigenous values, aesthetics, and narrative structures inspired by current conversations in contemporary theatre creation. Co-editors Monique Mojica and Lindsay Lachance identify the invaluable and understudied ways that many Indigenous theatre artists are creating culturally specific dramaturgical processes and shifting the paradigm for what is considered “text.” By presenting models for relational theatre-making and land-based explorations outside the traditional “well-made-play” structure, Staging Coyote’s Dream Volume 3 is more than just a collection of plays—it bears witness to a vast array of anti-colonial performing arts methodologies and builds Indigenous performance literacies for all theatre creators on Turtle Island. 

Fall On Your Knees
Developed for the stage by Hannah Moscovitch and Alisa Palmer
Written by Hannah Moscovitch, adapted from the book by Ann-Marie MacDonald
In an adaptation of the classic Canadian novel, this epic play follows three generations of a Cape Breton Island family in a tale of forbidden love, inescapable bonds, and devastating betrayals, all while harbouring secrets that threaten to shatter the family entirely.

Power Moves: Dance, Culture, Politics
Edited by Seika Boye & MJ Thompson
This collection of essays focuses how dance and movement engage and enact political questions around agency, mobility, pedagogy, and resistance. Committed to crossing disciplinary boundaries, Power Moves looks to movement knowledge for its radical insights and critical forms of public intervention and pedagogy.

By Bilal Baig and Sadie Epstein-Fine with Christol Bryan, Marina Gomes, Yousef Kadoura, Tijiki Morris, Anthony Perpuse, Nathan Redburn
An immersive experience, Eraser delves into the memories and fantasies of a classroom of students as they figure out who they want to be. Six students guide readers through their different journeys, taking them along to the cafeteria, change rooms, and playground, to the places where they feel safest and the most brave, vulnerable, and afraid.