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Spring 2022

Coming in spring 2022

By Date: December 02, 2021 Tags: News

We are so excited to share what's coming next spring! Check out our newest announcements below, which are all available for pre-order. And if you order before December 17th, you'll be able to take advantage of our 30% off holiday sale!

by Hannah Moscovitch
When a CEO and his top executives are on a business trip to secure a major deal, a damaging sex scandal is unearthed back home, endangering his company, family, and legacy. A searing look at the limitless privilege and power of the one per cent.

Every Day She Rose
by Andrea Scott and Nick Green
After the Black Lives Matter protest at the 2016 Toronto Pride Parade, two friends find their racial and queer politics aren’t as aligned as they thought, and the playwrights behind them must figure out how to write about the fallout.

Reasonable Doubt
co-created by Joel Bernbaum, Lancelot Knight, and Yvette Nolan
In this documentary musical, real interviews with Saskatchewan residents and transcripts from Gerald Stanley’s trial are woven together to form a kaleidoscopic picture of race relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada.

Let's Run Away
by Daniel MacIvor
Peter wants to set the record straight—on stage—about his life story since it was told unfairly in a family member’s memoir. A poignant look at how we manage our relationships with ourselves and others.

Everybody Just Calm the Fuck Down
by Robert Chafe
In this one-man folly about the aging body and mid-life anxiety, Robert Chafe explores the shifting planes of middle age, grief, creativity, and embracing a lack of control.

Lady Sunrise
by Marjorie Chan
From the glittering high-rise condos to the desperate streets of Vancouver, powerful stories told by women reveal the fraying social fabric among the wealthy and hangers-on in the city’s Asian Canadian community. 

Women of the Fur Trade
by Frances Koncan
Sometime in the 1800s, three very different women (with twenty-first century affinities) sit in a fort sharing their views on life, love, and the hot nerd Louis Riel. This historical comedy shifts perspectives from the male gaze to women’s power in the past and present through the lens of the Canadian Fur Trade.

by Michaela Di Cesare
After the unexpected death of their parents, two second-generation Italian Canadian brothers are forced together to decide whether to hold on to the family home, even if it costs them their relationship.

Public Enemy
by Olivier Choinière, transadapted by Bobby Theodore
Three generations of a family argue over current events, finances, politics, and culture, with everyone looking to blame someone else for society’s ills in this satirical examination of how judgment can both divide and unite people.

a million billion pieces
by David James Brock, with music by Gareth Williams
Sixteen-year-olds Pria and Theo have decided to lose their virginity together. There’s just one catch… they both have life-threatening disorders that may cause them to explode from one another’s touch.

Blow Wind
by Daniel Macdonald with music by Eileen Laverty
Upon returning to the family farm, Sarah discovers that her memories of home don’t quite match with reality. With her mother’s early onset dementia and her siblings’ machinations pulling the family apart, Sarah’s appearance catalyzes a family that must learn how to build new paths forward together.

Power Moves: Dance, Culture, Politics (New Essays on Canadian Theatre Vol. 12)
edited by Seika Boye and MJ Thompson
This collection of essays focuses how dance and movement engage and enact political questions around agency, mobility, pedagogy, and resistance. Committed to crossing disciplinary boundaries, Power Moves looks to movement knowledge for its radical insights and critical forms of public intervention and pedagogy.

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