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Fall 2020

Coming in fall 2020

By Date: April 02, 2020 Tags: News

Since spring feels practically cancelled these days (don't worry, our spring books are still happening), we're turning our sights on everything fun that will come in the fall. Well, we have some good news to add to that—thirteen fantastic new books! Check out what's coming below.

Forget Me Not
Ronnie Burkett

In “The New Now,” written language has been forbidden and forgotten. Those who wish to hold onto love’s language must make a dangerous journey to find the Keeper of the Lost Hand.

Kat Sandler

The myth of the old witch Baba Yaga twists into a new labyrinth of secret lives, ancient magic, and multiple murder suspects in this comedic fairy tale meets whodunit.

The Children's Republic
Hannah Moscovitch

Confined within the walls of the Warsaw ghetto, Dr. Janusz Korczak struggles to protect the children at his orphanage from the horrors of the Second World War.

New Magic Valley Fun Town
Daniel MacIvor

When Dougie’s childhood friend Allen comes to visit, a night reminiscing, drinking, and dancing turns into a raw examination of their past.

Beautiful Man & Other Short Plays
Erin Shields

Award-winning playwright Erin Shields has crafted three thought-provoking plays that centre on the inner lives of women, offering space for those who dare to listen.

Silence: Mabel and Alexander Graham Bell
Trina Davies

All relationships need the strength of good communication—even the couple behind the historic invention of the telephone needed to find the right wavelength once in a while.

Pretty Goblins
Beth Graham

When Laura finds a familiar book of poems in her estranged twin Lizzie’s bedroom, the sisters are dragged through a turbulent past, reliving their complicated history in order to make sense of their present.

Norman Yeung

In this thrilling exploration of the intersections and divisions within liberalism, a young professor finds herself in a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse.

Christine Quintana

When a budding romance at a high school party ends after a sexual assault, three teens must grapple with what happened and what comes next.

Bare Bear Bones
Michael Grant

In an effort to rekindle their spark, empty nesters Norm and Ruth book a trip to a familiar family campground, only to realize that it’s now a nudist camp.

The Writer
Norm Foster

Both comical and poignant, this story of familial bonds traces seven years of a complex father-son relationship affected by the onset of dementia.

The Law of Gravity
Olivier Sylvestre, translated by Bobby Theodore

In this moving story of identity and friendship, two genderqueer teens find refuge in one another as they fight against societal norms and plan for their futures.

When Words Sing: Seven Canadian Libretti
edited by Julie Salverson

When Words Sing turns the spotlight on everything that goes into writing for opera, featuring seven contemporary Canadian libretti.

You can download the full seasonal print catalogue here.

Thank you to Elise Conlin for the gorgeous catalogue cover art!