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The Law of Gravity

The Law of Gravity

By Olivier Sylvestre
Translated by Bobby Theodore
Subjects: Quebec Playwrights, Translations, Theatre for Young Audiences, By Age — 11–14, LGBTQ
Casting: 2 roles
Duration: 50 hours
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9780369101693, 96 pages, May 2021
Ebook (PDF) : 9780369101709, May 2021
Ebook (EPUB) : 9780369101716, May 2021


Dom has had a rough go of things so far. At fourteen, he has the hardened look of someone who’s had to fight for everything.

Fred has just moved to Not-The-City, a new place to try to disappear. But he didn’t expect to actually make friends. He just hopes he’s accepted for how he looks.

When Dom and Fred meet on a hill overlooking a bridge that connects Not-The-City to The City, a place where anyone can be anything they want, the two find a refuge in one another and make a pact: they’ll cross the bridge at the end of the school year. They’ll be free. What could happen by then? Who will they be? And will the bridge even let them cross?


"Brimming with empathy for its characters, this rhythmic and lyrical work rings true to the reality of young people."

- Siegfried Forster, Radio France Internationale

"The Law of Gravity makes me want to write a manifesto. I want to leave a copy of the play in every classroom, staff room, and bathroom of every high school in every city, not-the-city, and way-too-far from-the-city."

- Sara Dion, Centre des auteurs dramatiques

"This play needs to get into as many people’s hands as possible. Olivier Sylvestre not only offers up a story about a search for identity and sexuality, but about a powerful friendship, too. At an age where everything is changing so fast, Dom and Fred strive to find a way to be truly authentic in a world where being normal is equal to death."

- Rose Carine Henriquez, Le Devoir

"With striking simplicity, The Law of Gravity paints a portrait of two young teens in search of an identity that’s beyond gender and accepted norms. This little gem really shines."

- L'oeil D'Olivier