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Silence: Mabel and Alexander Graham Bell

Silence: Mabel and Alexander Graham Bell

By Trina Davies
Foreword by Peter Hinton-Davis
Subjects: Family Life, Marriage & Divorce, History, Western Playwrights, British Columbia, Women Writers, Romance, Biography
Casting: 4 f, 2 m
Duration: 110 hours
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9780369101419, 128 pages, December 2020
Ebook (EPUB) : 9780369101433, December 2020
Ebook (PDF) : 9780369101426, December 2020


It only takes one spark of love to change the world forever.

Mabel Hubbard Bell was a strong, self-assured woman—bright, passionate, and a complete original. Despite a near-fatal case of childhood scarlet fever that cost her the ability to hear, she learned to talk and lip-read in multiple languages. At nineteen, she married a young inventor named Alexander Graham Bell and became the most significant influence in his life.

This is Mabel's story, offering the unique perspective of a woman whose remarkable life was forever connected to her famous, distracted husband. From inspiring invention to promoting public service, Mabel and Alec challenged each other to become strong forces for good. Silence is a beautiful and true love story about how we communicate.


“If one of the intents of theatre—of any art, for that matter—is to give us entry into worlds we’d otherwise never inhabit, Silence: Mabel and Alexander Graham Bell succeeds splendidly.”

- Patrick Langston, Artsfile

“[A] poetic meditation on communication in general and the place of human beings in the world . . . such a beautiful, thoughtful play.”

- Christopher Hoile, Stage Door

“A welcome addition to the catalogue of Canadian theatre . . . a lovely portrait of a unique relationship and a delightfully entertaining, interesting and challenging show.”

- Joe Belanger, London Free Press

“A flawless interpretation of Mabel’s mind . . . you are within it, listening, watching, and feeling the vibrations of sound waves around you.”

- Courtney Church, Stratford Festival Reviews