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New from Nick Hern Books with covers

Sunrise, The Funeral Director, Drip, and more new plays in from Nick Hern Books

By Date: March 07, 2019 Tags: Nick Hern Books

Our friend from across the pond, Nick Hern Books, is a powerhouse for publishing great British theatre. With our new website, we’re thrilled to be able to sell the titles of theirs that we distribute here in Canada! Check out some of the latest books that have come in: 

Sunrise by Jessie Cave
From actress, comedian, writer and doodler Jessie Cave, Sunrise is an honest, tender-hearted and uproariously funny story about crying in the woods, sexual accidents, Harry Potter conventions and Instagram espionage—but also about motherhood and trying to get stuff done. This published edition also includes dozens of full-colour, never-before-seen doodles by Jessie. She's very happy to (over)share it with you.

The Funeral Director by Iman Qureshi
Life as the director of a Muslim funeral parlour isn't always easy, but Ayesha has things pretty sorted. She and Zeyd share everything: a marriage, a business, a future. Until Tom walks in to organise his boyfriend's funeral. A snap moral decision, informed by the values of Ayesha's community and faith, has profound consequences. Forced to confront a secret she has hidden even from herself, Ayesha must decide who she is – no matter the cost. Iman Qureshi's play The Funeral Director is an incisive and heartfelt story of sexuality, gender and religion in twenty-first-century Britain.

Asking for It by Louise O’Neill, adapted by Meadhbh McHugh with Annabelle Comyn
One night in a small town where everyone knows everyone, things spiral terrifyingly out of control. What will happen now to Emma? To her family? To the others? This stage adaptation of Louise O'Neill's devastating novel, Asking for It, shines an unflinching light on the experience of a young woman whose life is changed for ever by a horrific act of violence.

Drip by Tom Wells and Matthew Robins
In this one-man musical comedy by award-winning duo Tom Wells and Matthew Robins, Liam is fifteen and he's just signed up for Bev Road Baths' first ever synchronised swimming team, mostly for his best friend Caz. She needs to get a team together to win the annual Project Prize at school. She tries every year. She always loses. But Liam's an optimist, he's determined to help. There's just one problem. Liam can't swim.

CLASS by Iseult Golden and David Horan
Brian and Donna’s son is nine years old and he’s struggling. That’s what his teacher says. Says he should see a psychologist. But Brian and Donna – recently separated – never liked school, never liked teachers. An explosive triple confrontation that is funny, heartbreaking and beautifully observed, Iseult Golden and David Horan's CLASS is an award-winning play about learning difficulties: in school, in life, wherever.

Holy Sh!t by Alexis Zegerman
In this acerbic, dark comedy, Simone and Sam will do anything to get their daughter into the local Church of England school. Juliet and Nick agree to show them the ropes. The bonds of family, faith and friendship are stretched to breaking point as four forty-somethings wrestle for school places.

The Sweet Science of Bruising by Joy Wilkinson
London, 1869. Four very different Victorian women are drawn into the dark underground world of female boxing by the eccentric Professor Sharp. Controlled by men and constrained by corsets, each finds an unexpected freedom in the boxing ring. As their lives begin to intertwine, their journey takes us through grand drawing rooms, bustling theatres and rowdy Southwark pubs, where the women fight inequality as well as each other. But with the final showdown approaching, only one can become the Lady Boxing Champion of the World. Joy Wilkinson's play The Sweet Science of Bruising is an epic tale of passion, politics and pugilism. 

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