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Up the Garden Path & The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God

In Up the Garden Path, Rosa, a young Barbadian seamstress, offers to pose as her brother to go to the Niagara Region in Ontario to work. There, she meets an aspiring actress obsessed with Joan of Arc, ...

Hedda Gabler & Sirens: Elektra in Bosnia

In Hedda Gabler, a moving exploration of female oppression, a recently married Hedda navigates her new identity as a wife and the intense constraints put on her by society. She prefers pistols to cooking ...

The Virgin Trial

Fifteen-year-old Bess has no idea when she heads to London to see her Uncle Ted that she is about to find herself at the heart of a scandal involving sexual impropriety; her stepfather, Thom; and an attempted ...

Love and Human Remains

But the games turn ugly when it appears one of their number might be a serial killer. A compelling study of young adults groping for meaning in a senseless world. Love and Human Remains was immediately ...

Cold Meat Party

By Brad Fraser
Subjects: Ontario Playwrights
Casting: 4 f, 3 m

This unlikely group gathers to remember past friendships and the happy days of success but also to face the uncertain and chaotic present. It will be a hilarious and heartbreaking weekend and, in the ...