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By Pamela Mala Sinha
Casting: 4 f, 3 m

It’s 1970s Winnipeg—a time of revolution and radical possibilities—and an apartment building of Indian immigrant friends is about to be transformed by their latest arrival. A young Bengali Muslim ...

Public Enemy

By Olivier Choinière
Translated by Bobby Theodore
Subjects: Quebec Playwrights, Family Life, Siblings, Award Winners, Translations
Casting: 4 f, 3 m
Duration: 75 minutes

Three generations of a family argue over current events, finances, and culture, with everyone looking to blame someone else for society’s ills in this satirical examination of how judgment can both ...

The Bridge

Set in a rural Black Nova Scotian community, The Bridge explores the complex relationship between two brothers strained over twenty years of secrecy, deception, and dishonour. Secrets are revealed one ...

Up the Garden Path & The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God

From the author of Cast Iron comes two plays that feature young black women who suddenly find themselves navigating unfamiliar territory on their own. As they embark on journeys from the only homes ...

Hedda Gabler & Sirens: Elektra in Bosnia

In Hedda Gabler, a moving exploration of female oppression, a recently married Hedda navigates her new identity as a wife and the intense constraints put on her by society. She prefers pistols to cooking ...

The Virgin Trial

Fifteen-year-old Bess has no idea when she heads to London to see her Uncle Ted that she is about to find herself at the heart of a scandal involving sexual impropriety; her stepfather, Thom; and an attempted ...

Love and Human Remains

David McMillan is a former actor, current waiter on the verge of turning thirty. Together with his book-reviewing roommate, Candy, and his best friend, Bernie, David encounters a number of seductive strangers ...

Rune Arlidge

The award-winning author of The Drawer Boy and Plan B takes us on a twenty-five-year-long trip to the family cottage.

Three generations of women—the eldest incapable of keeping stories to herself, ...