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Drama Classics

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Edward II

The political tragedy of a King ruled by his infatuation for young Gaveston. Set in early fourteenth-century Britain, Christopher Marlowe's play follows Edward II as he indulges his passion and renounces ...

An Italian Straw Hat

A classic 19th-century French farce by Eugène Labiche.

Fadinard is on the way to his wedding when his horse eats a straw hat hanging on a bush. The owner of the hat is a former girlfriend who insists ...

Bartholomew Fair

The annual fair for St Bartholomew's Day is a bawdy celebration peopled by tricksters, thieves, prostitutes, pedlars and entertainers. Also drawn to the festivities are a group of ordinary citizens who ...

The Government Inspector

By Nikolai Gogol
Translated by Stephen Mulrine
Series: Drama Classics

A classic satire of provincial bureaucracy, which only saw the stage after the personal intervention of Tsar Nicholas I.

A small, corrupt Russian town receives a letter informing them of the imminent ...

The Seagull (Drama Classics Edition)

By Anton Chekhov
Translated by Stephen Mulrine
Series: Drama Classics

Chekhov's early tragedy, translated and introduced by Stephen Mulrine.

Arkadina, a famous actress, and her lover, a famous novelist, are spending the summer on her country estate, but their glamorous ...


By Alfred Jarry
Translated by Kenneth McLeish
Series: Drama Classics

Alfred Jarry's trilogy of plays about the comically grotesque character of Pa Ubu, satirising power, greed, and bourgeois pretension.

The Ubu Plays (King UbuCuckold Ubu and Slave Ubu) caused scandal ...

The Spanish Tragedy

A ghoulish and bloody 16th-century tragedy.

The ghost of a murdered courtier is promised by Revenge that he will see his murderer killed by his mistress. The two ghostly figures sit down to watch the ...