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Nick Hern Books (Imprint)

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The Way of the World

A classic comedy of manners from the Restoration period.

Mirabell loves the heiress Millamant and must concoct a clever plan which allows him to marry her and keep her fortune despite the vengeful wrath ...


A two-part version of Goethe's great work, retaining the mighty scope, linguistic daring and philosophical intricacy of the original.

God and Mephistopheles make a bet on who can win the soul of Dr Faust. ...

French Without Tears

French Without Tears is the play that first made Rattigan's name, and ran for over a thousand performances in the 1930s.

This edition includes an authoritative introduction, biographical sketch and chronology. ...

Masterclass (for Men)

Edited by Dean Carey

An extensive guide to acting, followed by close to a hundred audition pieces chosen from the whole of world drama.

Masterclass is a unique handbook for actors, student actors and teachers.


A powerful expressionist drama from the 1920s about the dependent status of women in an increasingly mechanised society, based on the true story of Ruth Snyder.

Sophie Treadwell was a campaigning journalist ...


The powerful myth of Medea, who murders her children as revenge for her husband's infidelity.

This English version of Euripides' Medea, in the Nick Hern Books Drama Classics series, is translated and ...