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By Sophie Treadwell
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781854592118, 96 pages, April 1995


Sophie Treadwell was a campaigning journalist in America between the wars. Among her assignments was the sensational murder involving Snyder, who with her lover, Judd Gray, had murdered her husband and gone to the electric chair.

"This is a play written in anger. In the dead wasteland of male societyit seems to askisn't it necessary for certain women, at least, to resort to murder?" —Nicholas Wright

With an introduction by Judith E. Barlow.


"Stingingly fresh and provocative. " —Time Out New York

"Gripping. .. doesn't loosen its hold on the senses until its shattering climax. " —Independent

"[A work of] rare and disturbing beauty. " —New York Times