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Scripting (Im)migration - New Canadian Plays

Scripting (Im)migration

New Canadian Plays

Edited by Yana Meerzon
Subjects: (Im)migration, Anthologies
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9780369100009, 480 pages, June 2019

Table of contents

Scripting (Im)migrant Canada: Monologues, Dialogues, Conversations by Yana Meerzon

The Aeneid: Inspired by Virgil’s The Aeneid by Olivier Kemeid, translated by Maureen Labonté

A Dialogue Between Olivier Kemeid and Yana Meerzon

A Dialogue Between Keira Loughran and Yana Meerzon

Settling Africville by George Elliott Clarke (with print dramaturg Diana Manole)

A Dialogue Between George Elliott Clarke and Diana Manole

The Tashme Project: The Living Archives by Julie Tamiko Manning and Matt Miwa

A Dialogue Between Matthew Chin, Matt Miwa, Julie Tamiko Manning, and Izumi Sakamoto

Foreign Tongue: The Musical Book and Lyrics by Lola Xenos, Music by Justin Hiscox and Daniel Abrahamson

A Dialogue Between Cynthia Ashperger and Yana Meerzon

My Name Is Dakhel Faraj ???? ???? ??? Based on Interviews with Dakhel Ali Faraj Al-Bahrani by Nada Humsi with print dramaturg Diana Manole

A Dialogue Between Nada Humsi and Diana Manole

“In Sundry Languages” by Toronto Laboratory Theatre

A Dialogue Between Art Babayants and Shelley Liebembuk


In this companion anthology to Theatre and (Im)migration, plays by immigrant artists take a look at communication, historic moments, the immigrant and refugee experiences in Canada, accents, and more.

In The Aeneid, the classic tale of searching for a new home is reimagined into an urgent modern-day refugee story. Settling Africville is a dedication to the African American refugees of the War of 1812 that settled in Nova Scotia. The Tashme Project, a documentary-style play, carefully pieces together the experiences of Japanese Canadians who were in the internment camps in the 1940s. Foreign Tongue represents the mark that accents place on immigrants. In My Name Is Dakhel Faraj, the true story of a refugee of the Iraq war is presented in English, American Sign Language, and Arabic. And "In Sundry Languages" is a collection of multilingual skits on immigrant experiences.