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The Shadow of the Hummingbird

The Shadow of the Hummingbird

By Athol Fugard
Preface by Paula Fourie
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Paperback : 9781559364829, 56 pages, April 2014


Legendary theatre artist Athol Fugard returns to the stage for the first time in fifteen years in this, his latest work. The Shadow of the Hummingbird tells the story of an ailing man in his eighties and the afternoon spent with his ten year-old grandson. In a charming meditation on the beauty and transience of the world around us, Fugard continues to mine the depths of the human spirit with profound empathy and heart. The text of the play includes an introductory Prelude by Paula Fourie with extracts from Fugard’s unpublished notebooks.


"The greatest active playwright in the English-speaking world. " —Time

"Athol Fugard can say more with a single line than most playwrights convey in an entire script. " —Variety

"If there is a more urgent and indispensable playwright in world theater than South Africa's Athol Fugard, I don't know who it could be. " —Newsweek