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Valley Song

Valley Song

By Athol Fugard
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Paperback : 9781559361194, 96 pages, April 1996


This is the moving story of an old man's love for his dutiful grandchild. Buks' Jonkers is a poor yet dignified war veteran who is devoted to his vegetable furrows in a remote South African province. He is anxious to shield his dreamy, restless sixteen year old granddaughter from temptations beyond the valley. She is equally anxious to be a singer in faraway Johannesburg. Her self made songs brim with the longings of youth.


"[The] latest in the awesome line of Athol Fugard's plays. .. is a work of delicacy and lyricism. .. that is charming. " —The London Sunday Times

"Eloquent and visionary. .. It glows with a triumphant human spirit. " —Variety

"Enthralling [and] remarkable in the beauty of its language; remarkable in its espousal of clear cut values; remarkable in its emotional impact. .. It is among the playwrights's finest works. " —Star Tonight

"Fugard's miniature masterpiece. .. [has] drama aplenty but also warmth and humor. .. An instant classic a complex play, simply and beautifully done. —The New York Times