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The Monologue Audition - A Practical Guide for Actors

The Monologue Audition

A Practical Guide for Actors

By Karen Kohlhaas
Foreword by David Mamet
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781854596086, 160 pages, October 2009


An intensely practical 'how-to' book for actors, helping you meet the challenges of picking, preparing and performing audition monologues for theatres, agents, casting directors and training programmes. With a foreword by David Mamet.

Focusing on how to rehearse monologues effectively using both acting and directing techniques, The Monologue Audition concentrates on developing the ability to see yourself as others see you – so that you can consistently produce the quality any auditioner is looking for.

The book includes pointers on choosing audition monologues, and uses illustrated, step-by-step guides on how to tackle any monologue an actor might choose.

Exploring all elements of preparing a monologue audition – script analysis, staging, voice, timing, gesture, movement and self-presentation skills – The Monologue Audition not only helps you prepare for auditions, but teaches how to make working on monologues a regular and enjoyable part of your acting life.


"This book helped me through my first professional audition—it was a godsend. It breaks your roles up into that of self-director and actor with incredible effectiveness. The tips and instruction she gives seem so obvious and 'right' once you have read and tried them—it is an intuitive approach. " —Amazon reader review