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The Language Archive And Other Plays

The Language Archive And Other Plays

By Julia Cho
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Paperback : 9781559365529, 360 pages, January 2020


From whimsical comedies to nail-biting chillers, Julia Cho is one of the most versatile playwrights in the contemporary theatre scene. For the past fifteen years, her stunning plays have been performed all over the country. Contained in this new anthology is a captivating sampling of her widely-lauded work featuring The Language Archive and including Aubergine, Office Hour, The Piano Teacher, and Durango.


"A cozy, effective little chiller. ..Coolly imparts insights about the transmission of evil in a globalized world, where actions a continent away can spread their malign influence to the suburb next door. "

- New York Times on The Piano Teacher

"A finely wrought drama. "

- Los Angeles Times on Durango

"Cho displays a balance and compassion that's Chekhovian. .. a writer at the top of her game. "

- Village Voice on Durango

"A very stimulating new play. ..preoccupied with matters of linguistics and, more specifically, about how we all take a leap of faith every time we open our mouths. ..Haunting. "

- Chicago Tribune on The Language Archive

". ..a strength of Cho's writing is her empathy for those who stumble toward and slip away from intimacies they desperately covet - but aren't equipped to handle. "

- Seattle Times

"Delivers a moving meditation on love, loss, and the emotional power of food. Anyone who’s ever shared a quiet late-night meal with a loved one, especially one who’s no longer here, will find much to relate to. "

- Hollywood Reporter on Aubergine

"Undeniably topical…Cho is curious about the intersection of private and public selves, the way psychology and culture mutually express each other. This is a small play, but before you realize it, its rippling current has taken you far from the safety of shore. "

- Los Angeles Times on Office Hour

"Cho is fast establishing herself as a chronicler of small tragedies. .. she is not a sleight of hand artist but a craftsman. "

- Backstage on The Piano Teacher

"Cho's playwriting style. .. lures us into caring about characters who never fail to surprise us with their simple humanity. "

- Los Angeles Times on Aubergine