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The Changing Room

The Changing Room

By Chris Bush
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781848428775, 56 pages, June 2019


"We stand on the edge
On the threshold of
On the entrance to
Stepping out from
On the cusp…"


Set in and around a swimming pool, Chris Bush's play The Changing Room follows a group of teenagers full of excitement, impatience and uncertainty. They know change is coming, but not what it'll look like.

Written specifically for young people, The Changing Room was part of the 2018 National Theatre Connections Festival and was premiered by youth theatres across the UK. It offers opportunities for a large, flexible cast of any size or mix of genders, and incorporates chorus work and music. No swimming pool required.

This edition of The Changing Room includes the words and music to Chris Bush's original songs, arranged by Matt Winkworth.