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The Astronaut's Chair

The Astronaut's Chair

By Rona Munro
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781848423046, 88 pages, June 2013


A thrilling play about the race to be the first woman in space.

Renee Coburg is a gritty, glamorous aviator, the fastest, highest, bravest woman in the world. Jo Green is a determined, brilliant and much younger pilot with her eye on all Renee's records. They both want to be the first woman in space but there's only one chair at the top of the rocket.

Rona Munro's play The Astronaut's Chair was first performed at the Drum Theatre, Plymouth, in 2012. It followed her earlier play, Little Eagles, about the space race in Russia.


"The dialogue is so elegant, so perfectly crafted and authentic... it's rare to see female power dynamics handled as subtly as they are here."

- Exeunt Magazine

"A beautifully written and sensitively executed docudrama."


"The play shows the impact global politics and the whims of leaders can have on individual lives. It doesn't shirk from examining how personal rivalries are exacerbated when women have to compete for a single chair at a table where every other seat is occupied by men."

- The Guardian