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By Stephen Greenhorn, Rona Munro, and Isabel Wright
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781854597809, 96 pages, January 2004


Some people need help. Some people find themselves in a position to help. And others just help themselves. There's Mick, the TV presenter, searching for reconciliation; Carla, who's looking for love; Al, in search of security; teenaged Jo, who'll try anything for a way out; Chris, out of work and in need of respect; James, who's put his faith in Anita; and Anita, who would just like to start all over again. They are all guilty victims of money and love – and the price we are willing to pay for both.

Gilt is the result of an innovative and possibly unique collaboration. Three of Scotland's best writers - Stephen Greenhorn, Rona Munro and Isabel Wright - have worked together on the one play, creating seven characters whose worlds collide and interweave to create a modern mosiac about love and money.

Gilt was first performed by 7:84 on tour in 2003.


"A thoughtful and quizzical piece. .. The great thing about Gilt is that it never gives the knee-jerk answers that you might expect. .. terrific. " —Guardian