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By John Webber
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781848429048, 104 pages, November 2019


After the death of her sister is left unresolved, Esther is broken and alone. Searching for closure, she looks to Keith for answers.

As she becomes increasingly drawn in to his disturbing world, her other relationships come under strain, not least a burgeoning romance with Chris.

Can Esther find peace after trauma? Or will the trauma spread and catch the rest of her life in its grip?

John Webber's debut play Spiderfly is a taut and thrilling drama for two actors. It premiered at Theatre503, London, in November 2019, produced by Metal Rabbit Productions.


"A tantalising tale of tangled relationships... kept me hooked for 80 minutes and shows a distinctly edgy promise."

- Guardian

"A psychological thriller without lacking originality... distinctive and involving."

- Exeunt Magazine

"Very much a play about personal trauma, but incorporates much in the way of character-driven humour... well and truly cements the fact that Webber is a writer to watch out for, and one who promises an exciting future."

- Broadway World