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So You Want To Be A TV Presenter?

So You Want To Be A TV Presenter?

By Kathyrn Wolfe
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781848420625, 192 pages, April 2011


A practical, vocational guide to starting a career on TV as a presenter.

The demand for presenters in the television industry has never been higher. But, although it's seen as a glamorous job and a step to celebrity, being a TV presenter is also hard work, and demands a varied range of journalistic, technical, performance and personal skills.

With a background in TV directing, working with professional presenters and training new ones for the TV industry, Kathryn Wolfe takes you through the techniques and skills required to become a successful presenter, including:

- How to read from a prompt and use in-ear talkback
- How to talk to camera and talk to time
- How to cope with live, recorded, studio and location shoots
- How to present for specialist channels (children's, shopping, weather)
- How to create a successful CV and convincing showreel

Hands-on exercises and checklists will guide you through improving your posture, developing correct breathing and good diction, evaluating your performance, and much more.

The book is also packed with accessible advice and top tips from dozens of experienced and new presenters currently working on TV. It tells you what happens in auditions, and, above all, how to go about getting a job as a presenter.


"Practical and informative... Kathryn Wolfe knows her stuff."

- The Stage