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Shoot the Crow

Shoot the Crow

By Owen McCafferty
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781854597267, 96 pages, February 2003


An endearing yet hard-hitting comic portrait of how the need to work gets in the way of living.

It's Friday. The end of a long week for four Belfast tilers. Ding-Dong wants a bucket. Randolph dreams of a motorbike. They have plans. But then, so do their workmates Petesy and Socrates. How they get what they want leads to further plans – all conflicting – and one almighty scam.


"A classic 'work play'... the dialogue crackles with demotic energy, the beautifully drawn characters are poignant as well as funny, and the neat plot holds it all satisfyingly together."

- Daily Telegraph

"Shoot the Crow rip-roars as a rich full comedy of small lives, big dreams and medium steals."

- Sunday Tribune

"New Irish writing is alive and well in the hands of Owen McCafferty."

- City Tribune

"This dramatist has humane warmth and a lovely ear for chat."

- Independent