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Seventh Generation - An Anthology of Native American Plays

Seventh Generation

An Anthology of Native American Plays

Edited by Mimi D?Aponte
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Paperback : 9781559361477, 300 pages, June 1998


This first major collection of contemporary Native American writing for the theatre ranges from the groundbreaking work of Body Indian to the experimental performance style of Spiderwoman Theater.


Indian Radio Days by LeAnne Howe and Roxy Gordon (Choctaw)
The Story of Susannah by Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl (Hawaiian)
Body Indian by Hanay Geiogamah (Kiowa)
The Woman Who was a Red Deer Dressed for the Deer Dance by Diane Glancy (Cherokee)
Power Pipes by Spiderwoman Theater (Kuna/Rappahannock)
Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth by Drew Hayden Tayler (Ojibway)
The Independence of Eddie Rose by Willam S. Yellow Robe, Jr. (Assiniboine/Nakota)

The volume includes an introduction by the editor, Mimi Gisolfi D'Aponte, Professor of Theatre at CUNY, and an epilogue by Elizabeth Theobald, director of the Manshantucket Pequot Museum in Connecticut.