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Queer / Play - An Anthology of Queer Women's Performance and Plays

Queer / Play

An Anthology of Queer Women's Performance and Plays

Edited by Moynan King
Subjects: Women Writers, Anthologies, LGBT/Queer Theatre
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9781770917972, 472 pages, November 2017

Table of contents

Graceful Rebellions by Shaista Latif

Lapine-Moi / Rabbit-I & Cerveau Fêlé 101 / Broken Brain 101 by Nathalie Claude

Dirty Plötz by Alex Tigchelaar

Chronicles of a War Child by Jazz Kamal “Nari”

She Mami Wata & The Pussy WitchHunt by d’bi. young anitafrika

The Magic Hour by Jess Dobkin

Trapped! by Hope Thompson

Sister Mary’s a Dyke?! by Flerida Peña

Hiding Words (for you) by Gein Wong

SPIN by Evalyn Parry

"Comedians Talking about (Gay) Comedy," a round-table discussion with Elvira Kurt, Sabrina Jalees, Dawn Whitwell, and Carolyn Taylor, hosted by Moynan King


  • Commended, Patrick O'Neill Award 2019


Queer / Play includes plays, performances, interviews, and more, shining a light on important and radical voices in Canada’s performance community.

Through these works by both emerging and established Canadian queer artists, this diverse anthology finds itself at the intersection of queer life and art, delving into the resulting subcultures and always-changing concepts of identity and performance. In this book, queer is not just something someone is; it’s also something they do.