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Nick Hern Books (UK)


Nick Hern Books is a London-based independent specialist publisher of plays, theatre books, and screenplays. Their list includes work by many of the UK’s preeminent playwrights, as well as some of the most exciting emerging writers. They work with major theatres across the UK and in Ireland to publish new plays alongside their premieres. Nick Hern Books titles are available in Canada through Playwrights Canada Press.

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The Long Song

The Long Song is the story of a young slave girl who lives through the final turbulent days of slavery on a sugar plantation in 19th-century Jamaica.

It is adapted from Andrea Levy's award-winning novel ...

What If If Only

Your partner's died, could things have been different?

This edition also includes the resonant and surreal short piece, Air.


Tunde's thirtieth birthday is fast approaching. So he's started therapy because he hasn't been able to get to the gym for weeks, and a recent one-night stand ended in tears – his.

Interrogating the challenge ...

Anything is Possible if You Think About It Hard Enough

Alex and Rupert aren't a conventional match, but a caffeinated meeting on the Underground ignites a spark. Skip forward to them fighting over baby names, nursery colours and ways to save money. All the ...

The Ballad of Maria Marten

Summer, 1827. In a red barn in Suffolk, Maria Marten awaits her lover. A year later, hidden in a grain sack under the floor of the barn, Maria's body is found, barely identifiable - and the manhunt begins. ...

Contemporary Plays by Black British Writers

Selected by Natalie Ibu

This anthology brings together six plays, all written or performed since 2017, by six brilliant Black British writers – Travis Alabanza, Firdos Ali, Natasha Gordon, Arinzé Kene, Chinonyerem Odimba ...

Glee & Me

Lola is sixteen years old, sharp-witted and has her whole life ahead of her – until she's diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. Now her brilliant mind is rapidly turning into useless mush.

So she's ...

The Lodger

Sisters Dolly and Esther grow up in ultra-conservative Harrogate in the 1960s. Fifty years later, following the death of their mother, Dolly comes to stay with Esther – now a successful novelist and ...

Once Upon A Time in Nazi Occupied Tunisia

1943. Four months into the Nazi occupation of Tunisia. You're imprisoned in a labour camp. You're buried up to your neck in earth. You're dying of thirst, you miss your wife, and your best friend just ...

2:22 - A Ghost Story

Jenny and Sam – and their baby Phoebe – have recently moved into their new home. But something feels frightening and wrong. Very wrong. Over the baby monitor, at 2:22 every night, Jenny hears footsteps ...