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Drama Games for Exploring Shakespeare

Drama Games for Exploring Shakespeare

By Alanna Beeken & Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation
Series: Drama Games
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781848429420, 184 pages, April 2023


This dip-in, flick-through, quick-fire resource book, part of the bestselling Drama Games series, offers dozens of games to help bring Shakespeare's plays to life in the classroom or rehearsal room – making them fun and accessible to actors, students, directors and teachers.

Inspired by the work of leading cultural education charity Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation, this book offers a wide range of activities to tackle every aspect of the plays, including:

  • Warm-ups and General Games to establish an atmosphere of focus, connection, support and fun – all the conditions you need for a successful session
  • Story and World-building to explore the events, environments and societies of Shakespeare's plays
  • Introducing Shakespeare's Language to break down the text and allow participants to uncover the meaning through play and creative discovery
  • Activating Shakespeare's Language to liberate actors from the script through movement and voice-work
  • Character to help develop compelling, believable performances by investigating motivations and relationships, circumstances and emotions
  • Staging to help empower every member of the ensemble in moments that might be challenging to stage – such as big movement sequences, fights and battles and intimate love scenes

Whatever your reason for exploring Shakespeare – whether you're directing a production, teaching a set text, or introducing his work to young people for the first time – this essential resource will give you the tools you need to demystify the language, take ownership of the plays, and find a connection to the words that resonates in our own time.



'A welcome tool to bring the Bard alive for students... sets things out in a logical fashion, without losing any of the creativity or impact of the activities... I can only wish my English teacher had a copy of this sparky little volume when I was first struggling with Shakespeare... many young lives will be transformed when they connect with Shakespeare's world and all it can offer'

- Broadway World