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By Caryl Churchill
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781854593375, 36 pages, April 1997


An innovative theatre piece combining music, voices and dance, with a text by Caryl Churchill and music by Orlando Gough.

Hotel is in two parts:

In the first, Eight Rooms, fourteen people – tourists, couples and business people – spend an ordinary night in a hotel. But they all occupy the same space, their stories overlapping and interweaving and creating an exhilarating collage of words, voices, music and choreographed movement.

In the second, a dance piece entitled Two Nights, we see two distinct nights happening at the same time. Two people find different ways to disappear, while a diary found in another hotel room tells of one more extraordinary disappearance.

This volume contains Churchill's libretto, plus articles on the making of Hotel.


'Their pieces have the power to make you leave the theatre in an altered state'

- Observer

'Elusive, poetic, striking and substantial'

- The Times