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Drunk Enough to Say I Love You?

Drunk Enough to Say I Love You?

By Caryl Churchill
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781854599599, 64 pages, April 2007


“Caryl Churchill’s power to grip an audience is an extraordinary thing. Her plays perform a pincer-movement on your attention. Their ear for a subject of real concern out there in the world . . . has always been acute, and often prescient. These are plays which don’t merely debate issues: they embody them. ”—The Observer

“Churchill is one of the most original and unpredictable of dramatists, and part of the pleasure of her work is going into the theater, and not having the faintest clue about what to expect. ”—Daily Telegraph

Jack would do anything for Sam. Sam would do anything. And around this simple premise, Caryl Churchill slyly crafts her new play depicting a deeply dysfunctional gay relationship—which is actually all about America. Premiering in fall 2006 at London’s Royal Court Theatre, this is Churchill’s first work since A Number and is another speedy, taut, two-hander that shows off her uncanny ability to write both topically and elliptically at the same time. With this play Churchill—who has taken on everything from Thatcherism to human cloning—continues her more than thirty-year tradition of producing “studies of a world quaking under constant siege in which style somehow always uniquely mirrors content” (The New York Times).

Caryl Churchill is one of the most respected dramatists in the English-speaking world. She is the author of some twenty plays, including Light Shining in Buckinghamshire, Cloud Nine, Top Girls, Serious Money, The Skriker, Blue Heart, Far Away, and A Number, which have been produced throughout the world.