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Habibti Driver

Habibti Driver

By Shamia Chalabi & Sarah Henley
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781839040849, 104 pages, April 2022


Meet Ashraf and his 'Habibti' – his daughter Shazia. He's an Egyptian, Muslim taxi driver; she's half-Egyptian, half-Wiganese, and more interested in the last call at the bar than the call to prayer.

Their relationship is put to the test when Ashraf introduces Shazia to his new Egyptian bride, whilst she is attempting to break the news of her own secret engagement. In Ashraf's taxi they must navigate driving lessons, sing karaoke and explore whether, despite their differences, family can win out regardless.

Habibti Driver is a heartwarming and hilarious play, based on Shamia Chalabi's real-life experiences and co-written with Sarah Henley, exploring the clashes, compromises and comedy that come with living in a mixed-culture family in today's Britain.


"An endearing comedy that negotiates the minefield of political and religious sensitivities with skill."

- Reviews Hub

"An unapologetically camp comedy with plenty of personality."

- Manchester Evening News

"A delight... real heart and real laughs... Habibti Driver will connect with every audience member regardless of their background."

- Bolton News