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Goodnight Children Everywhere and Other Plays

Goodnight Children Everywhere and Other Plays

By Richard Nelson
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Paperback : 9781559362443, 288 pages, June 2004


Goodnight Children Everywhere

"Richard Nelson’s new play announces itself almost as if it were Chekhovian . . . the play, like all plays of discovery and purgation, has a translucency and a density that nag, hurt and heal. " —London Sunday Times

New England

"Smart, sharp, acridly funny . . . in the sweetest of all ironies, it’s an American writer at the peak of his form who has given London’s RSC the major new play that has eluded them all year. " —Variety

Some Americans Abroad

"A sequel to The Innocents Abroad, Mark Twain’s caustic view of pretentious Americans abroad: both works indict the well-educated American middle-class for its supine and superficial relationship to Old World culture. " —New York Times

Two Shakespearean Actors
"Nelson’s provocative account of the deadly rivalry between two great 18th-century actors. " —Variety

Franny’s Way

"Boundaries warp and melt in the dense urban heat that pervades Franny’s Way, Richard Nelson’s sensitively drawn portrait of love in the age of J. D. Salinger. " —New York Times