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Drama Games for Rehearsals

Drama Games for Rehearsals

By Jessica Swale
Series: Drama Games
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781848423466, 224 pages, October 2016


This dip-in, flick-through, quick-fire resource book in the bestselling Drama Games series offers dozens of ideas and exercises to energise and inspire a bold, creative rehearsal process for any play, of any period or genre.

Aimed at directors of all levels, it covers every aspect of rehearsal, including:

  • Warm-up exercises to prepare the body, voice and mind, and to create a strong ensemble
  • Ideas for approaching the text, tackling the "Story of the Play"
  • A wealth of games for unlocking the "World of the Play," including developing characters, finding a physical style, understanding genre and investigating themes
  • Suggestions for exploring sound and music, whether for use in the production or simply to encourage a sense of fun in rehearsals

This essential "go-to" book will provide you with a host of original and illuminating games, perfect for the play you’re rehearsing, be it Shakespeare or Greek tragedy, a Restoration comedy, physical theatre, Modern Naturalismor even a brand new play.

Marianne Elliott, one of the most innovative and exciting directors working anywhere in the world, describes it as a "beautiful, and very clearly written book" which will become her "constant companion in future. "