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CultureBrew.Art: Intercultural Artists Infusing Change

Connect, Collaborate, and Create with CultureBrew.Art

By Playwrights Canada Press Date: July 24, 2023

Playwrights Canada Press is delighted to partner with CultureBrew.Art (CBA) to offer all BIPOC playwrights and artists reading this blog a promo code that waives the $25 membership fee for one year! Simply email CBA’s Community Engagement Producer—and Playwrights Canada Press author and editor Chris (C.E.) Gatchalian—to request your code.

Indigenous and Racialized Artists! Connect, Collaborate & Create with CultureBrew.Art

CBA is a Canadian digital platform that features a nationwide searchable database of Indigenous and racialized artists who work in the literary, performing, and media arts, which engagers such as theatre companies, producers and agents can access as subscribers. The benefits of being an artist member in CBA include:

Seeking BIPOC artists for your project? Check out CultureBrew.Art

If you’re looking to hire BIPOC artists, sign up to CBA’s Engager Portal for as little as $6 per month, where you can post unlimited opportunities and access advanced search capabilities of CBA’s database! The CBA team is happy to answer any questions. Please contact Chris at