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Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Month

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Month

By Playwrights Canada Press Date: June 23, 2023 Tags: Lists and recommendations

June is National Indigenous Peoples Month so we’re showcasing some great new books by Indigenous authors. Read on for more!

Reasonable Doubt
By Joel Bernbaum, Lancelot Knight, and Yvette Nolan
In this documentary musical, real interviews with Saskatchewan residents and transcripts from Gerald Stanley’s trial are woven together to form a kaleidoscopic picture of the views of the incident, the province, and relationships between all people in Canada.

William Shakespeare's As You Like It, A Radical Retelling
By Cliff Cardinal
The title of William Shakespeare’s As You Like It holds a double meaning that teasingly suggests the play can please all tastes. But is that possible? With his subversive updating of the Bard’s classic, Indigenous creator and cultural provocateur Cliff Cardinal seeks to find out. The show exults in bawdy humour, difficult subject matter, and raw emotion; Cardinal is not one to hold back when it comes to challenging delicate sensibilities.

After the Fire & The Particulars
By Matthew MacKenzie
From the author of Bears comes two dark comedies that expose what we’re capable of when pushed to our breaking point and give in to the temptation of taking matters into our own hands. With sharp commentary, Matthew MacKenzie revels in the mundane struggles that disguise the cosmically profound surrounding us all.

And coming soon!

Retreating to Re-Treat: A Performative Encounter at the "Edge of the Woods"
By The Collective Encounter with Jill Carter
survivance intervention: an Indigenous reclamation of territory, using Storyweaving practices rooted in personal connections to the land to restor(y) treaty relationships. Retreating to Re-Treat is offered in the spirit of creative knowledge-sharing and enriching scholarship around collaborative practices. By revealing their unique and still-developing method for addressing a fraught and tangled (hi)story, the Collective Encounter invites readers to join them as we mediate those sites of profound experiences and renewal—sites in which the project of conciliation might truly begin.

There is Violence and There is Righteous Violence and There is Death or, The Born-Again Crow
By Caleigh Crow
Grocery-store clerk Beth has had a hell of a week. A hell of a life, actually, full of people squashing her soul. And after pushing back at life—stabbing a steak to her boss’s desk and lighting a magazine rack on fire, for instance—freshly unemployed Beth regroups at her mom’s suburban home. Just when Beth starts to think she’s to blame for systemic limits, the gift of a bird feeder sparks a transformative relationship with a talking Crow who reconnects her with Spirit and her true power.

Staging Coyote’s Dream Volume 3
Edited by Monique Mojica & Lindsay Lachance
A collection of new works rooted in Indigenous values, aesthetics, and narrative structures inspired by current conversations in contemporary theatre creation. Co-editors Monique Mojica and Lindsay Lachance identify the invaluable and understudied ways that many Indigenous theatre artists are creating culturally specific dramaturgical processes and shifting the paradigm for what is considered “text.” Staging Coyote’s Dream Volume 3 is more than just a collection of plays—it bears witness to a vast array of anti-colonial performing arts processes and builds Indigenous performance literacies for all theatre creators on Turtle Island.