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Nazanin Malekan

Malekan is a graduate of English translation from Iran, with an acting
background in both Farsi and French. She moved to Canada in 2005 and was involved
with the NAGs (Nomads Acting Group) between 2006 and 2011, where she acted in
minor roles and helped with the props, stage management, and productions. She
attended Aida Keykhaii’s acting workshop in 2016 and was cast in Dance of
Torn Papers as the workshop’s final acting project in Toronto. She joined
NOWADAYS THEATRE shortly after and collaborated with the company in areas such
as script translations, grant applications, and other admin-related tasks.
Nazanin joined Mohammad Yaghoubi’s acting workshops between 2017 and 2018 and
was cast in Angles in Iran as the workshop’s final acting project in
Toronto and Waterloo. She is a utility corporate planner from nine-to-five, and
an art and theatre lover the rest of the day.

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