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Two Ladies

Keep your enemies close, and your wives closer.

As their husbands clash over an international crisis, the first ladies of France and America find themselves alone together in a side room.

Friends, or ...


Jane and Toni are immaculate, iconic, accommodating flight attendants. They're here for your safety, your comfort and your pleasure. Or so you think. But 30,000 feet below them their seemingly perfect ...


Grandma’s birthday approaches. Beverly is organizing the perfect dinner, but everything seems doomed to go awry—the silverware is all wrong, the radio is on the fritz, and the rest of the family can’t ...

Finding Your Voice

A simple, step-by-step manual, written by a Royal Shakespeare Company voice coach, offers everything that actors need to work on their voices. Suitable for actors at all levels, from students and young ...

Glass. Kill. Bluebeard. Imp.

A girl made of glass. Gods and murders. A serial killer's friends. And a secret in a bottle. Four stories by Caryl Churchill.

Glass. Kill. Bluebeard. Imp.  premiered at the Royal Court Theatre Downstairs, ...

Loving Longing Leaving

Fifty Words has a gimlet eye, providing meticulously chosen, artfully integrated details that let us understand why its characters so love and loathe each other. Like Mr. Albee’s Who’s Afraid of ...

Culture Clash in AmeriCCa

"These guys are funny daredevils of performance, totally fearless as they skewer convention and lazy thinking. Cool. "—Eric Bogosian


"Important social satire for these urgent times. "—Dolores Huerta, ...

Contemporary American Monologues for Women

Edited by Todd London

Audition monologues from recent works by American playwrights.

Joe Turner's Come and Gone

Henry Loomis turns up at a boardinghouse to look for his missing wife.