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Sequence (Second Edition)

“Luck is like irony. Not everybody who thinks they got it, got it. ”

Theo has been named Time Magazine’s Luckiest Man Alive. For twenty consecutive years he has successfully bet double or nothing ...

Take d Milk, Nah?

Jiv is “Canadian. ” And “Indian. ” And “Hindu. ” And “West Indian. ” “Trinidadian,” too. Or maybe he’s just colonized. He’s not the “white boy” he was teased as within his ...

Quick Bright Things

“Everyone hears voices. I’m treated like I’m broken for admitting it.”

Can a weekend trip to visit family ever be smooth? 

Nick was hoping for a quick dinner at his brother Reid’s house when ...

The Breathing Hole

Stories of the Canadian Arctic intersect in this epic five-hundred-year journey led by a one-eared polar bear.

In 1535, Hummiktuq, an Inuk widow, has a strange dream about the future. The next day, she ...

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The Master Plan

In 2017, when the public agency Waterfront Toronto decided to put up a parcel of land for development, Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of Google’s Alphabet Inc., swept in with a proposal to create the city ...

Be My Baby

This play follows the fortunes of Mary Adams, aged 19, unmarried and seven months pregnant in a 1964 Mother and Baby Home in North England. Forcibly sent there by a mother intent on keeping up appearances, ...


Playwrights Canada Press publishes new plays. We are looking for well-written literary works with engaging dialogue, interesting characters, and strong themes that incite discussion and analysis, and ...

Perfect Pie

In the course of an afternoon's reunion between two long-estranged women, a buried memory, and two teenagers' wild secret, slams into the present.

When Patsy invites her old friend Francesca, now a glamourous ...


A fantastic Western comedy from Norm Foster. If you liked Jenny's House of Joy, you'll love Outlaw!

A young Canadian homesteader travelling far from home finds himself accused of murder in the state ...