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The Shoemaker's Holiday

By Thomas Dekker
Introduction by Peter J. Smith
Series: Drama Classics

A rumbustious Elizabethan comedy featuring identity fraud, love triangles and a marriage proposal disguised as a shoe fitting.

Thomas Dekker's play The Shoemaker's Holiday was first staged in London ...

Spring Awakening

Frank Wedekind's famously banned German play written in 1891 focuses on a group of classmates and explores adolescent sexuality and the emotional consequences if suppressed. Spring Awakening (the musical) ...

'Tis a Pity She's a Whore

The tragic story of incestuous love between Giovanni and his sister Annabella.

When Annabella is found to be pregnant by her brother, she agrees to marry her suitor Soranzo. But when the lovers' incestuous ...


Translated by Martin Sorrell
By Molière
Series: Drama Classics

Molière's comic masterpiece about an irreclaimable hypocrite - one of the most famous French plays of all time.

The pious Tartuffe is lodging with Orgon and his family, ingratiating himself with both ...


By Euripides
Translated by J. Michael Wilson
Series: Drama Classics

Andromache takes place in the aftermath of the Trojan War. Andromache has become a concubine to Achilles' son, Neoptolemus, bearing him a child, Molossus. The captive Andromache is haunted by memories ...