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The Thanksgiving Play / What Would Crazy Horse Do?

The Thanksgiving Play / What Would Crazy Horse Do?

By Larissa FastHorse
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Paperback : 9781559369619, 160 pages, June 2021


In The Thanksgiving Play, a group of well-intentioned white teaching artists scramble to create an ambitious “woke” Thanksgiving pageant that also celebrates Native American Heritage Month. Amidst their eagerness to put on the most culturally sensitive show possible, things quickly begin to devolve into the absurd, showing how even those with good intentions can be undone by their own blind spots. Inspired by historical interest in the KKK’s collaborations with Indigenous groups, What Would Crazy Horse Do? examines the lives of Calvin and Journey—twins who are the last two members of Marahotah clan. Floundering after their grandfather’s passing, they form a suicide pact in case their lives on the reservation become too hopeless. However, when two white strangers arrive claiming their families have a shared history, the twins’ world is torn wide open.


"The familiar, whitewashed story of Pilgrims and Native Americans chowing down together gets a delicious roasting from expert farceurs."

- Jesse Green

"A scalding cauldron of race and resentment, poverty and mental illness."

- Kansas City Star

"Very, very funny... something for which to be truly thankful."

- The Hollywood Reporter