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The Minutes

The Minutes

By Tracy Letts
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Paperback : 9781559365734, 96 pages, January 2022


Beneath the deadpan back-and-forth of a seemingly typical city council board meeting lies the whiff of something distinctly sinister in Tracy Letts’s new play The Minutes. Known for his keen ability to illustrate the faults and cracks under humanity’s surface, Letts delivers an acutely thrilling new work that pulls you in with laughter before grabbing you by the throat.


“With his astonishing new play, The Minutes, a pitch black comedy about the current state of American politics and the ‘fake news’ elements in our national history, Tracy Letts has written the 21st century equivalent of The Rite of Spring.”

- Hedy Weiss Chicago Sun-Times

The Minutes will not be a play you forget quickly.”

- Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"Letts is a keen observer of the way the past oozes into the present and future. And while each of his characters has a vivid identity, each also has a dozen richly contradictory aspects to his or her nature... The playwright also serves up some blackly comic laughs, too, just to clear the air from time to time."

- Chicago Sun-Times