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Strasberg at the Actors Studio - Tape-Recorded Sessions

Strasberg at the Actors Studio

Tape-Recorded Sessions

Edited by Robert H. Hethmon
Preface by Burgess Meredith
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Paperback : 9781559360227, 446 pages, January 1993


Unavailable for over fifteen years, these transcripts of Strasberg's private acting classes provide a revealing look at one of the nation's most famous acting schools and its controversial leader. Transcriptions of actual tuition sessions by the originator of Method Acting, tutor to such talents as Paul Newman, Al Pacino, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Dustin Hoffman.

Second only to being taught by Strasberg himself.


"A fascinating close-up of Mr. Strasberg's philosophy of theatre and method of working with actors."

- Eliot Fremont-Smith, The New York Times