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Stoning Mary

Stoning Mary

By debbie tucker green
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781854598561, 96 pages, September 2005


Mysterious yet compelling, bewildering yet intoxicating, a play that mixes poetic rhythms with vernacular phrases, rap-song repetitions with complex psychology.

A husband and wife row about a prescription. A mother and father row about their son, who has become a child soldier. Two sisters row about which one is superior to the other. It emerges that the younger sister, Mary, has killed the child soldier. She is to be stoned to death...

What if all these things were happening here? And what if these people were white?


"One of the most assured and extraordinary new voices we've heard in a long while."

- Independent

"Works unnervingly well."

- Evening Standard

"A theatrical event that brands the conscience as firmly as any hot rod on goatskin... stoning mary is not pretty. It is not easy. But it will wind you with its punch."

- Daily Mail