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Sorry, You're Not a Winner

Sorry, You're Not a Winner

By (artist) Samuel Bailey
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781839040580, 80 pages, March 2022


Liam and Fletch grew up together. Born on the same street. Best mates since primary. Inseparable. The only difference was while Fletch was getting suspended from school, Liam was studying. And now he's going to Oxford. But with Liam gone, who's going to keep Fletch out of trouble?

Sorry, You're Not a Winner explores aspiration, social mobility and getting caught between classes. It asks: if 'making it' means leaving everything you know and everyone you love behind – what's the point?


"An intricate and moving study of social mobility... gripping and nuanced... Bailey continues his development as one of the most socially engaged writers working in theatre today."

- Guardian