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No Particular Order

No Particular Order

By Joel Tan
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781839040887, 80 pages, June 2022


A despot has come to power. The population is listless, submissive and scared.

But beneath every violation of civil autonomy, there are real human beings; behind every act of resistance, there is an individual willing to risk everything. And these people aren't heroic or remarkable – they're just like us.

Through the lives of bureaucrats, soldiers, ornithologists and tour guides, No Particular Order charts the fate of a single society, asking at every step of the way: is it empathy, or power, that endures?


"Joel Tan is a fiery new talent... highlights just how boringly safe and naturalistic most theatre remains."

- Evening Standard

"A mosaic portrait of a society in collapse, with a spine of bitterly dark comedy."

- Broadway World