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He Speaks - Monologues for Men

He Speaks

Monologues for Men

Edited by David Ferry
Subjects: Scenes & Monologues, Anthologies, Theatre Studies, Acting & Technique
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9780887548567, 208 pages, October 2006


A collection of contemporary Canadian monologues for men, intended for auditions, study, or general interest.

"Sometimes [the author] will talk about horror, sometimes about love. Sometimes the love they examine is also the horror they expose. They will look at memories and sort them or they will rage at the machine. They will seek to find their identity in the shifting sands of an ever-changing universe. They will throw up images of stark beauty or complex ugliness; propose maxims with deep moral implications or question slippery ethical standards; they will juxtapose the ludicrous with the divine and they will mock, glorify, penetrate or expose just about everything in society. All these will our authors do to discover the only ‘one great thing'—the story." —from the introduction by David Ferry