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By Frances Poet
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781848427167, 88 pages, April 2018


Maddy and Rory are devoted parents to three-year-old Joshua, committed to keeping him happy and safe. But when an everyday visit to a supermarket café turns into a far more troubling incident, their trust in those closest to them is shattered.

Frances Poet's play Gut is a taut psychological thriller that asks: who can be trusted with our children – and is it more dangerous not to trust at all?

Gut was first produced at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, in association with the National Theatre of Scotland, in 2018. It was directed by Zinnie Harris.


"A vision of a society where hypervigilance has replaced trust, where the gap between sensible parental oversight and pathological control is frighteningly small. .. holds the audience spellbound. .. exposes a fault line of social dysfunction with a relentless and transfixing logic. " —Guardian

"Picks at the psychological sores of a post-Yewtree climate. .. takes leaps out of the ordinary to illustrate the extremes a mother's love sometimes must endure. " —Herald

"Accurately pinpoints parental fears and explores them with innard-wrenching effect. " —The Stage