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East is East

East is East

By Ayub Khan-Din
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781854593139, 91 pages, April 1997


The play that gave birth to the smash-hit film - a wonderful comedy about growing up in multiracial Salford.

The six Khan children, entangled in arranged marriages and bell-bottoms, are trying to find their way growing up in 1970s Salford. They are all caught between their Pakistani father's insistence on Asian traditions, their English mother's laissez-faire attitude, and their own wish to become citizens of the modern world.


"A hugely entertaining, highly involving, emotionally tender, politically inflamed family drama."

- Time Out

"Khan Din's play is bitterly and wickedly funny... Its explorations of identity, race, relationships, power, gender dynamics and familial aspiration ensure it still has as much to say to audiences of 2021 as it did 25 years ago."

- Whatsonstage (2021)

"A bona fide classic."

- Guardian