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Daniel MacIvor

Daniel MacIvor

Edited by Richie Wilcox
Subjects: Non-Fiction / Essays, Biography
Series: New Essays on Canadian Theatre
Imprint: Playwrights Canada Press
Paperback : 9781770913493, 280 pages, May 2015


This volume of essays is the first solely dedicated to the work of Daniel MacIvor. It aims to contextualize and analyze the work of this highly prolific theatre artist who is consistently produced and published and yet largely ignored in academia. The compilation features seasoned academics as well as emerging scholars dissecting MacIvor’s repertoire and ranges from a study of dance within his plays, to the branding of his solo shows, to the breakdown of memory within his AIDS play, to the troubled formation of identity in his penned female roles, to biographical performances of Tennessee Williams. The book also features insightful artist statements authored by some of MacIvor’s closest collaborators as well as a contemplation from MacIvor himself on the theory of acting and theatre

Contributors include John S. Bak, Susan Bennett, Daniel Brooks, Caroline Gillis, Christopher Grignard, Peter Kuling, Thom Bryce McQuinn, Ray Miller, Wes D. Pearce, Jenn Stephenson, Ann Wilson, and MacIvor himself.