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By Danusia Samal
Imprint: Nick Hern Books
Paperback : 9781839041051, 72 pages, June 2022


It's club night and the tracks are spinning. Set against a backdrop of precarious lives in urban London, two headliners crossfade between stories of love, sex, and losing their creative spark.

Bangers follows the highs and lows of two strangers as they struggle with their own pasts, while hurtling towards each other's futures. All the while, the DJ continues to play, dropping samples and words of wisdom. In the end, it's not the last track that counts, but the one coming up next...


"A fantastic night of lyrical and energetic storytelling."

- The Stage

"A joyous party of a play... Galvanising and effortless, this is a must-see for music heads and non-music heads alike."

- Guardian

"Samal is nothing short of a genius. Her writing is poetic, funny, lyrical and sharp. She cuts to the core of the most painful and exciting human experiences, dealing with love, sex, death, and all that comes with the struggle of being alive, with a deep kindness to the people whose stories she tells. Her writing is uplifting – it bubbles and fizzes, and the feeling she pours into it is infectious. You come away with a love of humanity and a grin on your face, humming the songs as you go.. a true masterpiece."

- WhatsOnStage