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An Actor's Companion - Tools for the Working Actor

An Actor's Companion

Tools for the Working Actor

By Seth Barrish
Foreword by Anne Hathaway
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Paperback : 9781559367967, 216 pages, June 2015


An Actor’s Companion is ideal for both seasoned professionals and beginning actors. The tips and exercises are simple and direct, and easy to apply in both rehearsal and performance.


""Seth Barrish has coached me on almost every TV project, film or audition I’ve done since we met ten years ago. When it comes to wisdom about acting, there’s no one I hold in higher regard. " —-Mike Birbiglia, comedian, director, actor

""In Seth’s class I often watch him transform a student’s good, yet average performance into a precise and exhilarating one, with just one simple adjustment. I am constantly blown away by how he does this. This book explains it. " —-Sarita Choudhury, actor

""This book is truly unlike anything else I know-these pieces are haikus on specific elements of performance and character building. " —-Philip Himberg, Sundance Theatre Institute

""Seth’s approach and understanding is awesome. He makes it very easy to act by telling you not to act and be natural. It could be as simple as having something in your hand, creating business while you deliver a line to make it seem natural and comfortable. His book is amazing-it’s basically the actor’s blueprint. " -—Jay Pharoah, actor, comedian

"There is a muscularity, not to mention wisdom and truth, to Seth’s techniques. He is a wonderful teacher, and I know that having him as my first guide is one of the luckiest things to have happened to me in my career and life. " —-Anne Hathaway, from her Foreword