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A Doll's House

A Doll's House

Adapted by Amy Herzog
Imprint: Theatre Communications Group
Paperback : 9781636702100, 112 pages, July 2024


A searing minimalist adaptation of Ibsen’s classic drama by one of America’s greatest contemporary playwrights.

rafted for Jamie Lloyd’s stripped-down Broadway production starring Jessica Chastain, acclaimed playwright Amy Herzog’s adaptation of A Doll’s House is lean and tense, paring the play down to its essence to reveal the ways that Ibsen’s themes remain startlingly relevant almost 150 years after the play’s first production. Finding thrilling poetry in the rhythms of everyday speech, Herzog breathes new life into this foundational work of feminist drama, offering a version of Nora’s awakening that feels shockingly fresh and timely.


“Herzog is one of the most perceptively humanistic American playwrights to emerge in the past 15 years… She deftly condenses Ibsen’s traditional three acts into an uninterrupted two hours that heighten the original playwright’s intention to show the ways in which a patriarchal society stymies women’s personhood.”

- Hollywood Reporter

“Herzog’s dialogue, pruning the social floweriness and conversational whorls of Ibsen’s naturalism, gets right to the point of every line, leaving the text raw and red, as if exfoliated.”

- New York Times

“Herzog’s adaptation keeps snug to the original; though she cuts away repetition, conflates servants, and modernizes speech, she allows herself little leeway in terms of character or structure. Nora’s bird-witted self-preoccupation was always there, and Herzog, one of our greatest dialogue crafters, smooths the play’s lines so we see its face.”

- The New Yorker