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On an orange and red gradient background, the book cover for 21 Black Futures: The Anthology appears on the far left. The book cover features an illustrated image in black, white and gray of a black person’s face and bust wearing an assortment of Afrofuturistic armour, face paint and a series of triangular crystallized figures sprouting from the top left of their head. White and orange text above and below reads: 21 Black Futures The Anthology, Obsidian Theatre. The rest of the image beside the book cover features white and black text. At the top of the image are the logos for Obsidian Theatre and Playwrights Canada Press. The text below reads: 21 Black Futures The Anthology Book Launch, February 29, 6pm, Soulpepper Theatre. The ASL symbol is in the bottom right corner.

21 Black Futures: The Anthology Book Launch

By Brandon Crone Date: February 08, 2024 Tags: News, Events

Obsidian Theatre and Playwrights Canada Press are thrilled to cordially invite you to the 21 Black Futures: The Anthology Book Launch!

In 2021, Obsidian Theatre engaged twenty-one writers to create twenty-one new stories about imagined Black futures. Featuring all twenty-one plays from the award-winning web-series created in partnership with CBC Arts, this anthology presents twenty-one radical offerings to the question “What is the future of Blackness?”

Join us for a celebration of this new publication at Soulpepper Theatre (50 Tank House Lane, Distillery Historic District, Toronto, ON) on February 29th at 6pm. The event will feature readings from Amanda Parris, Cherissa Richards, and Natasha “Courage” Bacchus with a special performance by Motion.

As an added bonus, registrants will receive a discount code to access $21 tickets to the February 29th evening performance of Three Sisters by Inua Ellams, After Chekhov, at 7:30pm following the event. 

ASL interpretation will be provided. Venue accessibility is available HERE.

Admission is FREE, please RSVP by completing the registration form HERE.

Book sales will be available at the venue or you can order the book online at Playwrights Canada Press HERE.